Current Focus

Previously project managers of numerous successful collaborative projects, we now concentrate on applying and passing on these project management skills and in mentoring to guide and assist you in successful execution and completion of your projects. We are proud of the project successes achieved and the resulting career success of people with whom we have worked.

Our recent work for government and industry involves considerable intelligence analysis and data mining of technical information in support of business development and in response to external factors.

Emerging energy is increasingly a field where we have developed synergies from our hydrocarbon experience. For example: to facilitate implementation and commercialisation and speed up co-operation across the whole supply chain, we launched, developed and facilitate knowledge sharing networks in UK, Europe and internationally.

Our major knowledge sharing project on carbon capture and storage (CCS), CO2NET, is active in community capacity building across the whole supply chain, remains at the forefront of the developing CCS technologies and is now in its 12th year.

Another long-running network established for knowledge sharing developments for gas hydrates is seeing renewed interest being generated following the Gulf of Mexico problems in 2010.