About T-I

Technology Initiatives Ltd was established in 1994, bringing our mainstream energy industry experience to monitoring and managing research and technology development across Europe to protect corporate investments and produce results, recognising that the project infrastructure was key to a successful project. In this, we have been very successful, enabling researchers to deliver successes, frequently in excess of proposed objectives.

We have developed a diverse and wide client base with much repeat business and word of mouth recommendations to potential new clients. We enjoy a solid reputation for being skilled in ensuring that a project achieves its objectives within time and budget constraints and are well used to working with clients' existing systems for knowledge management and business processes.

However, recognising that Technology Initiatives’ involvement in European Research and Technology will be seriously impacted when UK is no longer a European member state, the decision has been made that the company will officially close effective 28 March 2019, unless an exciting new challenge presents itself between now and then.

Technology Initiatives Ltd’s closure would be voluntary as the company, which has been trading successfully for 24 years, remains solvent and, we understand, enjoys a triple A credit rating.

Offers are invited to purchase the shell company.