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Annette Cutler

Annette Cutler

Annette Barbara Cutler

BSc Hons. C Geol. FGS. M IoD.

Following a successful, challenging and diverse career for 46 years in the energy industry and latterly in cross-discipline research and technology development, where she used her geological qualifications as a baseline from which she developed a broad technical knowledge with sound commercial expertise, Annette Cutler now concentrates on passing on her project skills and knowledge to others through monitoring, mentoring and assessment. Following successful roll out of UK Space Industry technologies to other industries through new “startup” projects for Innovate UK, Annette is now back on the UKRI (Innovate UK) Energy Catalyst monitoring team and is an external assessor for European Commission.

Annette is planning to retire when the company closes unless an exciting new challenge, remunerated or voluntary, presents itself.

Annette is and remains an advocate for:

  1. technology development, where nature can show us the way, such as gas hydrate inhibition and high temperature adhesives and
  2. finding opportunities to convert process waste products to by-products, such as in carbon utilisation